Multiphysics for 铁CAD 2018 Speeds Up 有限元分析 Analysis of Assemblies Latest Release of the In-CAD 有限元分析 Analysis Tools Analyzes CAD Models Not Built for 有限元分析 (ATLANTA Ga.) February 27, 2018 – 铁CAD, LLC, the leading provider of design productivity solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the latest version of its fully integrated Multiphysics for… 阅读更多

铁CAD officially announced its latest service pack release devoted to addressing key quality reports that improve the overall experience of our products. Below you will find the link to download the service pack and a list of the latest improvements included in this update. Access the 铁CAD 2018 服务包 #1 Get the Pack Quality… 阅读更多

铁CAD 机械 2018 Settings New settings are available in the IPROSetting window (accessed from the Windows Start menu) to allow additional capabilities as follows: A new “Tab” has been added to handle the loading of catalogs at the start of an 铁CAD application (IRONCAD, INOVATE, etc.). New option to automatically create a preview image file… 阅读更多

铁CAD 机械的最新版本简化了机械设计过程 亚特兰大GA,2018年1月31日–设计生产力解决方案的领先提供商IronCAD,LLC今天宣布立即为IronCAD 设计协作套件 2018提供其强大的IronCAD 机械附加组件的最新版本。此新版本提供了许多新的客户驱动的增强功能… 阅读更多

铁CAD’s New Bulk Drawing Creation Expedites 2D 细部 The CAD platform’s 2018 release promises to drastically reduce the number of hours spent on transforming 3D views into 2D drawings   (ATLANTA, Ga.) December 20, 2017 — The 3D CAD platform of choice among metal fabricators and custom machinery manufacturers, 铁CAD has added a game-changing bulk… 阅读更多

铁CAD 2018 Release We’很高兴宣布IRONCAD 2018在这里。下一代设计生产力软件可通过10倍大数据集提高性能,包括一个多平台查看器,该查看器可与任何设备共享,并可单击按钮生成用于从3D场景中的任何对象进行细化的图形。下面… 阅读更多


六个机器人由高中生操作,并伴随着欢呼的人群和响亮的音乐,六个机器人在网球场大小的田野上飞镖飞行。机器人花了几分钟的时间避开障碍物(彼此),同时向高目标射击球并将物体精确地传送到传送区域。当警告蜂鸣器响起时, … 阅读更多


基于配置的设计是一种设计方法,可以使面向面向消费者的市场的公司受益,在该市场中,客户需要更个性化的产品,这些产品可以减少时间窗口。无论您是从头开始设计新产品还是对现有设计进行修改,您通常会发现需要重用现有组件以加快设计过程…. 阅读更多

铁CAD Factory Layout

铁CAD’s 电子内容, coupled with its catalog-building capabilities, makes it a powerful design platform for factory layout. Engineers working on factory layouts can expedite and enhance their design process by using pre-built libraries of 3D Smart 电子内容 parts stored in catalogs, which make it easy to create, store, and reuse imported or native 电子内容 assemblies. 铁CAD… 阅读更多

钢铁CAD 2017 PU1 SP1

最新更新进一步改进了IronCAD设计协作套件并支持KeyShot 7 Atlanta GA,2017年9月15日–设计生产力解决方案的领先提供商IronCAD,LLC正式宣布IronCAD 设计协作套件 2017产品更新#1服务补丁的正式可用。 #1该服务补丁对质量和可用性提供了重要的改进… 阅读更多